Administrating, foreign language correspondence

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  • Member Since, October 7, 2020
  • 28 Years Old
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  • Education Levels Bachelor Degree
  • Place of Residence Armenia
  • Languages english fluent
Candidate Info (English)
Hi.I’m ******** from Armenia.I’m28 years old and as I want to work with you it’s time to introduce myself.I’m an English mentor with 3years of work experience.I have also worked in fitness center as an administrative manager,and my responsibility was to serve a good service to customers and build a long-term employment relationships with fitness centers in other countries and import goods from international brands.It’ll be a great pleasure to work with you as I have 6-7 hours each day.Now I am working with children from my house.I like to work people with other nations because beside the knowledge that I can give them.I also get many other information about their religion and features.

Professional Skills