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Virtueller Technischer Assistent

  • Datum des BeitragsJuli 9, 2022
  • Ansichten 2272
  • 10 Bewerbungen
  • Minimaler Gehaltsbetrag 600 EUR/month
    Maximaler Gehaltsbetrag 2000 EUR/month

Du solltest perfekt Deutsch + sehr gut Englisch sprechen können.

Gehalt je nach Qualifikation.
Ich poste daher die Jobbeschreibung in Englisch – freue mich auf deine Bewerbung!

*We have spent over 1 Mio USD on freelance platforms alone, so this is a SERIOUS long term job offer!*

We are currently looking for a german speaking technical assistant.
Ideally you love to build online funnels and marketing setups..and you love to learn new software and things in order to set it up.

Here are a few example tasks:

– setup a funnel with landingpages, Hubspot/Pipedrive as a CRM, a calender tool, ad accounts on FB /Linkedin/ Youtube including retargeting, E-mail Provider like Klicktipp, a survey tool like typeform and connect all together via Zapier…and make sure notifications of all important events go to slack – besides making sure hosting/Domains/ E-Mails work

Coordinate all this with the coder / designer/ copywriter / video editor/ and make sure everybody knows what to do, deadline is met and the launch is on time.

– also make sure our youtube strategy is being executed from keyword research to regular posting of content, in a proper project management system and that each week all assets (video/thumbnail etc.) are ready before the deadline to be posted on youtube / all other platforms

– setup google/facebook/ Linkedin and other retargeting campaigns, make sure tracking works through our tracking system (google analytics, hyros) and report back to us

Sounds good? Ok, next:

2. Numbers, Data & Analytics:

– Make sure all funnels (cold email outreach, PPC, Youtube organic) are being properly visualized and tracked at each step

– Build dashboards that show our main KPIs for our own marketing agency and each client inclulding regular reporting

– Find bottlenecks and come up with ideas of what to improve to improve overall efficiency of each funnel by digging into each funnel step, understanding the numbers, setting up A/B tests

– have all numbers in mind each and every day, of all campaigns, funnels and everything we do, watch them like a hawk!

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