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Senior Ecommerce Marketing Manager for a fast-growing international E-commerce business based in the U.S.

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Senior Ecommerce Marketing Manager for fast-growing international E-commerce business based in the U.S.


Your friends and family think you are a bit weird because you talk about conversion rates, A/B testing and customer lifetime value all day?


We’ll love you for that!


You enjoy experimenting and taking your own decisions and are not afraid to fail? Read on – this is your dream job! 



In one sentence: Growing revenue and profits on Amazon and Shopify & building strong relationships with our customers by building out the brand ecosystem.


You will:

   > Take initiatives that boost the visibility of brands and products on Amazon, Google and social platforms

   > Maximize keyword index and rank on Amazon and Google 

   > Improve CR of product detail pages on Amazon, Shopify and Walmart.com

   > Grow email and Manychat lists & build meaningful relationships with subscribers

   > Maximize CLV by building touch points with customers that inspire customers to come back and purchase from us again, again, and again.. 😉

   > Get more product reviews and syndicate them across all channels 

   > Trigger new content creation and distribution across all channels

   > Take data-driven decisions


You will be working with: 

   > Mike: senior marketplace manager; on the team since the start and knows how to get any product on page one, position one 

   > Thomas: founder of the company; lives and breathes PPC and data analysis 

   > Till: chief of operations, keeps inventory (and ideas) flowing 

   > Content agency: you tell them what you need and they make the *best* content for you



Unless you explicitly want to grow in the following areas, you will not be responsible for:

   > Inventory management

   > Customer Happiness

   > Product Information management

   > Amazon PPC



Your technical skills include (hard skills):

   > You navigate between Seller Central, Shopify, Facebook and Google intuitively

   > You can easily break down the profitability (P/L) of a product 

   > Your Google Sheets (or Excel) game is spot on

   > You work or have worked in a fast-growing e-commerce company

   > You dream about impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates and customer lifetime value at night


Is this you (soft skills)?

   > You think out of the box

   > You love to solve problems

   > You love to experiment

   > You are a self-starter 

   > You get the job done

   > You constantly seek and try new strategies and tactics

   > You speak and write English very well


Bonus, but not a must:

   > you are experienced in Photoshop, InDesign or Canva

   > you are experienced in building Shopify stores

   > you ran advertising campaigns on social media, Google or Amazon before



We create outstanding experiences for our team members, customers and partners. We have fun going after freedom and growth. We are reliable and passionate.


We are a fast-growing e-commerce company based in the US operating two brands. With our brand “Apollo” we build the best skateboards, longboards and scooters. Our brand “Bavaria Trachten” makes the most authentic German traditional clothing. We sell through Amazon in the US and Canada, Walmart.com and two Shopify brand stores. 


We are sourcing from China and Pakistan. We operate warehouses on the East and West Coasts of the US and use two additional fulfillment service providers with hundreds of locations.


We believe in the transformative power of digital businesses and the lifestyle that comes along with it. We work fully remote on three continents, every team member on their own terms.


Attention: This is NOT a job for people who need total supervision and strict guidelines. We are result-driven and expect you to bring a strong desire to grow.


You will be part of a fast-moving team that has one objective: to bring every team member – including you – further towards your personal and professional life goals. If you want to step up and become a seasoned marketing manager with a thorough understanding of ecommerce, then we will accelerate your path there.



What you can expect from us: 

   > 100% commitment to you, the team, our customers and partners

   > An above-average fixed salary including social benefits, which is always paid on time

   > Plus variable and performance-based compensation

   > A safe full-time position 

   > The highest-quality-money-can-buy professional training and development in the areas of your choice

   > An authentic and transparent working environment where we embrace diversity in backgrounds, cultures, time zones, and personalities

   > Respect and loyalty from everyone on the team

   > Worldwide location independence: work from anywhere you want 

   > Work-any-time-you-want protocol



1) Please answer the below screening questions today

2) You will be invited to a paid assessment center

3) We will get to know each other during a short round of interviews

4) Welcome to the team!




   > What is your current job?

   > What do your current teammates think you do really well?

   > What are you really not very good at?

   > How weird are you from 1 to 10? (I am a 8.7 ;D) 

   > What’s the last training you took?

   > What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?


You can answer these questions 

1) in a message to us here on the platform, or

2) in an email to ********.org, subject line: “[YOURNAME] – Senior Marketing Manager”, or

3) in a short (smartphone) video here: https://www.videoask.com/fft1xwnmd


Thank you,


Till Andernach


SolRide Inc.

444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 700

Miami, Florida ********


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