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  • Education Levels Master’s Degree
  • Place of Residence Armenia
  • Languages english fluent, german good, russian good, armenian native
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Dear reader,
I am ******** from Armenia. I am studying for the MA in English studies at Gavar State University in Armenia. In 2019 I got my Bachelor's degree in the English language and literature. Being an active member of this society I take part in many national and international projects which help me to develop my job-related competencies in practice. I regard myself as a faithful and devoted person with a great passion to move forward and explore new hidden inner talents. The challenges are welcomed by my side as they help me with the self-development. The desire to work for a german speaking company is a challenge itself but I have a dream to reach the completely free usage of that language, it pushes me forward to apply to My Talent team with the hope to find such a job.

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