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Permanent Career in Gaming Company – Full-Time, Detail-Oriented Order Processing (Work From Home)

  • Datum des BeitragsJuni 4, 2022
  • Ansichten 905
  • 14 Bewerbungen
  • Minimaler Gehaltsbetrag 800 EUR/month
    Maximaler Gehaltsbetrag 1000 EUR/month

Deutschsprachiges Team, englisch sprechende Kunden.

Looking for a new challenge?

For this position you don’t need years of experience or expert status in a specific field (even though it’s preferable).

But you’ll need SOLID general computer experience (this is your work tool).

Slow on the computer? Take seconds to move the mouse and switch from one window to another? Type with 1 finger?

Then this position is not for you.

Stop Reading IF..

  • IF you have little to no experience working on a computer
  • IF you are slow or uncoordinated navigating your PC
  • IF you have frequent power cuts (we need to be able to count on you)
  • IF you have slow or unstable internet (high quality video streaming HAS to work without any lag, otherwise you can’t work on our remote desktop)
  • IF you’re not available for a full time position (40 hours weekly)
  • IF you’re still in a work engagement and cannot start now

A fisherman without a rod and no water around him can’t fish, so please SKIP to the next job posting and save us all valuable time.

Still here?

If you’re fast, proficient and experienced working on a computer in an organized way.

If you are a detailed oriented and highly organized person.

If you like to learn new things and take ownership of your work.

Then our company will be the perfect place for a home-based professional career that is long-term, full time and offers the chance to grow.

About Us

Being a gaming company, we’re operating multiple online platforms for more than 10 years, trading virtual game items 24/7.

We are bringing joy to players and saving them hundreds of hours of work „grinding“ in the game, so they can enjoy their play time.

Working with us means being part of a small dynamic team with direct communication (messaging) with your co-workers, coordinating tasks.

Our platform is custom built and we’re always seeking to optimize and make work easier & more fun.

Your Daily Work (Responsibilities)

You’ll be „The Bringer Of Joy“, meeting our trade partners in the virtual world of the computer game – exchanging items, all while having a brief and friendly text chat in game.

It’s light and fun. Requires precision, focus and happiness.

Being logged into our custom platform, you’ll be automatically seeing new tasks in real time as they come in and tackle one by one!

We’re looking for a long time work relationship – Full time position (40 hours)

If you’re good we’ll be working together for multiple years and we’ll be growing together while you get more responsibilities.

This is a FULL TIME job with solid growth potential.

The work can be busy during peak hours, but it shall be worth it – this is a CAREER (not a time-limited project or a single campaign)

We will teach you

You’ll be able to do the job within a couple of hours easily, and start to be good at it within a few days.


If you have to search for your phone every day because you can’t remember where you put it, OR if you constantly forget to switch off the lights…

THEN you’re probably not the right person for this job.

You’ll be responsible for moving some of our inventory and need to be focused and organized. The job requires attention to detail and precision.

And You?

  • Positive mind – Generally happy & energetic person
  • Detail-oriented, Ability to focus for multiple hours without mixing things up
  • Able to learn quick. You will be expected to learn the general idea concepts and details within a week or 2.
  • Ability to take critique and owning your actions
  • Can-do mindset, sense of ownership, and pride in your performance
  • You get personal satisfaction out of completing work over the course of a day
  • You work in a detail-oriented and well organized manner
  • Good communication skills in English (written, you won’t need to speak externally)


  • Fiber or equivalent FAST and STABLE internet connection (cannot be laggy or disconnect – need to be able to stream 4k videos without lags)
  • Solid Laptop with mouse and keyboard, or PC that works reliably
  • EXPERIENCE with computers, so you can use your work tool productively (switching between tabs and multiple windows, knowing shortcuts of your operating system)
  • Dedicated work-from-home environment where you can focus without being disturbed
  • 40 hours or more availability per week (normal fixed work day)
  • At least 1 year home based Job Experience

Ideally as a Bonus (PREFERED)

  • Have a gaming laptop or PC
  • Second Screen to have enough space and ability to place 2 windows side by side
  • Have been actively playing computer games in the past
  • Have experience in Customer Service or doing outbound work
  • You’re friends with Bishibosh and Rakanishu (Google that)
  • Bonus if additionally you can reliably work on 1 day of the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) against extra compensation (paid overtime)
  • You have additional skills that could be of value to the business (other than being experienced working on a computer)

Additional Skills?

  • If you have more than basic skills (like Photoshop, SEO, WordPress, Admin, Writing, Accounting, …) INCLUDE them in the headline of your Application
  • We will favor candidates with experience in specific fields, since we have a chance of growing over the years (remember: we’re looking for a long-term relationship)


To be considered, mention your biggest skill in the subject line and add the word „Rakanishu“ at the end [in brackets].

Please attach your Resume & Cover Letter and include the answers to the following questions in your reply:

  1. What makes you a great match for this role?
  2. What are you really good in?
  3. How many days per week can you work?
  4. Are you able to work on a Saturday or Sunday?
  5. Do you have any other jobs currently? If so, what is the job and how many hours per day do you work?
  6. What will you do in case of a power outage or internet outage? Do you have any backups?
  7. Please explain: How big is the Horadric Cube and how much space is inside? How can you get it?
  8. How many words per minute can you type? Go to „10fastfingers dot com“ and include the results in your reply
  1. What’s your internet connection?

Go to „Speedtest dot net“ and paste the link to your test results here

(Do not send screenshots or google drive links, the link should be your direct speedtest result link)


  1. We’ll contact you for an short interview.
  2. PAID trial task – half working day together to introduce you to the platform and see if it works out technically.

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